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On this section is some of our special events and announcements so keep checking to see what we have new going on at the Grill!


June 23rd, 2016


Cool Article:



 February 9th, 2016


We are open for Valentines Day, February 14th, 2016



From 4:00 pm to 9:00pm



We have a special Valentines Menu!






Please make your reservations now!








November 17, 2015


You can now see your reservation for the

Tep Room on our Calendar!


(No personal information will be posted just the time that you have reserved)



November 13, 2015


The Holidays are coming!

Let us cater your events and make it something extraordinary! 



November 12, 2015


Pan De Coco, Cheese Cake Flan will be

baked fresh and available today.


Please call for details




May 5th, 2015  - Mother's Day Hours 11:00 am to 3:00 pm 


September 26th 2014 - Something New at the Grill! 


Duck Confit


Red Hot Sanapper


Rack Of Lamb




Friday, June 27th, 2014 - Something new at the Exotic Grill! Bento Box Lunches! The Items change daily so please inquire what our lunch special is for the day. Prices will range from $6 to $9 depending on the entrée.



May 5th, 2014 - To help celebrate Mother's Day, the Exotic Grill will be open on Sunday May 11th, from 11:00 AM to 3:30 PM.

All Mom's will get a free Appetizer specialty cup of Soup as we honor your day!



April 2nd, 2014 - Barwick, Brown & Moore LIve! Friday April 4th, 2014 6:PM

Come & join us for all the fun!


 3/5/14 - Congratulations To Amanda Kay Brainard for winning the

Scenes @the Grill Contest! She wins a $30 Gift certificate!

Keep an eye out for the next contest!




NEW INSERT ON THE MENU! - Introducing the Chef Special Entrees






Happy Valentines Everyone! We do have some walk in tables available but very limited make reservations so you can be guaranteed a table! We do have a special menu tonight and live entertainment from Keyven Dunn. Hope to see you all!


2014 Valentines Menu






If you noticed we are introducing some Filipino Cuisine as specials on our menu lately.  Being part of a Filipino  family I felt that I should share with everyone a little about my heritage, and what better way to share it than to have everyone try the food! So here is a little background on what Filipino cooking is all about;

History of Filipino Cuisine

Filipino food is a culmination of many different cultural influences. Two of the most prevalent cultures are Spanish and Chinese. During the Spanish colonization in the Philippines, Filipinos learned much about their food and began to use their spices and eventually became a part of the spice trade between Spain, the Phillippines, and Tidorein Maluka.

Chinese food was also introduced into the Philippines as a result of trade in the early 15th century. Other influential traders included Arabs and Indians. Eventually when the Americans entered the Philippines, Filipino cuisine picked up their influences, solidifying one of the most diverse cuisines in the world.

So what dishes can truly be considered Filipino? There are plenty! Starting with appetizers, Filipino’s are best known for using their hands to eat the small finger foods that come with the first course. Appetizers can include anything from fish to meat, nuts and chips. They are often served before dinner or at large family lunches.

Filipino soups and salads are also an exciting surprise for taste buds. Most Filipino soups are seafood based and are served with rice. They may also be used as dipping sauces to other dishes. Many of the soups are prepared using one of the most important Filipino ingredients, coconut milk. In some regions of the Philippines, seafood salads are considered a specialty. They are easy to prepare and delicious to eat.

Main Filipino dishes are often seafood based too, using fish such as shrimp, squid, clams, milkfish, mussels, and crabs. Chicken is also a common ingredient in Filipino cuisine and is mixed in with many dishes.

Saving the best for last, Filipino desserts are served after every important meal. The most common are puddings and often contain ingredients like coconut milk, ginger, and cinnamon. One popular desert ingredient is young coconut, also known as Buko. This ingredient is the basis for many desserts including Bukayo, which is made using coconuts, brown sugar, coconut juice and flour. Once cooked together, they are rolled into little balls and eaten hot.

So keep your eye out on some dishes that will be coming your way soon! We will divulge in a culinary adventure that will give you a glimpse to why Filipinos are truly proud of their heritage and their cuisine!



01/28/14 - We are starting an annual picture contest! Last year we asked our customers to tag us on some of their pictures taken here at the grill. This year I would like for everyone to upload a picture directly to our Facebook page and leave a comment. On March 1st we will pick a picture with a comment that stands out and that person will win a $30 gift certificate. No purchase necessary but the pictures should be taken in the Grill of friends, food or cocktail. Please keep everything in good taste, and make sure it conforms to Facebook regulations. Good luck!


12/17/13 - So the Holidays are coming and to help kick off a wonderful Christmas The Evan Barwick Project will be playing here at the Exotic Grill Friday Dec 20th, from 7 pm to 9 pm. Come join us for the festivities! Also at the end of this week we will be announcing the winner of the $25 gift certificate that we will be randomly picking from one of our twitter followers. So it is not too late follow us on twitter and get a chance to win!


11-20-2013 - Follow us on   and in December this year we will choose a random follower to receive a $25 Gift Certificate!


10- 24 - 2013 -  Through all the difficulties and challenges through the past couple of years, God has still found a way to truly bless my family. This Christmas I would like to show thanks to some of the blessings I have received by paying it forward somehow. In conjunction with the Kids Coral Day Care, The Exotic Grill would like to participate with their "Operation Jingle Bells" yearly charity. The charity involves picking a less fortunate family every year and giving them a warm and blessed holiday. If you would like to help you can donate stuff by either taking it to the daycare or bringing your items to the Exotic Grill. Please no Currency donations, only Non perishable Food items, Clothing, Toys, Shoes Etc. only. Let us begin the Christmas season doing what the season was really meant for, giving. Thank you all in advance. For questions or details, E-mail me @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact Sherry Standeford Vance, The Kid's Corral daycare in Poplar Bluff MO @ (573).686.3036 or (573).686.2886.



9/04/13 - NEW SUSHI MENU! New items are now available! Come check out our new menu on the sushi section of our website!


8/15/13 - New Soup & Appetizer!


Fried Wontons - This is a pot sticker gone wild! This is our own creation of pork or chicken wontons, deep fried into a golden crispy treat coupled with our own special zesty chili dipping sauce, another unique culinary adventure only available here at the exotic grill.



The Wonton Soup - Not your ordinary fair, this soup packs a lot of flavor. Hours were spent on making the broth alone with top grade Rib eye steak trimmings simmered for hours to extract all of its natural wonderful flavor blended with a mix of vegetables and spices to give this soup a savory buttery flavor that is unique to our recipe. Then the soup is made to order with some scrumptious pork wontons that melts in your mouth good. Mixed with some vegetables and other spices this is not your ordinary wonton soup. This is a soup made with love and passion, and only available here at the Exotic Grill.




8/14/13 - Slated to go on the Brand New Menu:



Jumbo Shrimp Curry - part of the new items that will be added to the new menu. This exquisite bite has heat! Sauteed Jalapeños with Coconut garlic and ginger red curry sauce gives this entree a Fragrant savory flavor. With just a hint of sweetness from the coconut & our own blend of red curry infused with the heat ofThai chili and sauteed Jalapeños, gives this dish a unique Asian flavor!


Hawaiian Fried Rice - Your Choice of Meats Roasted on the wok with Vegetables, Pineapple Chunks Bell Peppers Cashews golden raisins Bean sprouts and topped with roasted pineapples and caramelized onions.



8/13/13 - Need a little spice in your life? To help celebrate our tenth anniversary this month, we are currently experimenting on some new curry dishes! Beef Curry, a new Chicken Curry, Jumbo Shrimp Curry, Fish Curry and Seafood Curry! So Checking out our page and we will be announcing our new menu soon!  Also we are working on some new Sushi Items for all you sushi lovers out there! We are always striving to give you something new and something to look forward to each time to give you the most unique dining experience!



7/29/2013 - To all of you late diners, the Exotic Grill will be opening an hour later everyday starting tomorow July 30th 2013! Hope to see you all soon!