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Here are a few of our friends having fun at the Grill!



Meet Mama Ruth...



We would like to introduce to you "Mama Ruth". Earlier on when we first opened as a strictly take out restaurant, Ms. Ruth came in and requested that we would make her a dish that is low on cholesterol because her doctor asked her to go on a low cholesterol diet but she did not want to stop coming to the restaurant. Behold the birth of the dish now known as the Mama Ruth's Special. Basically it is a chicken stir fry modified using spices and Japanese Mirin rather than the traditional oils used in stir frying. The dish became a success and found its way to be a part of our menu that to this day 10 years later, it is still a very popular item in our menu. Recently we just found out that she passed away a couple years ago. Her family came in recently and left her picture on the table after ordering the dish that was inspired by her. Thank you Mama Ruth for being a part of the Exotic Grill's history. You are sorely missed. Thank you to her family for giving us a picture to remind us of our history and how special our relationship is with our customers who have become part of our family. It is a pleasure to say it has been a big joy to be serving such a wonderful community.



 So here is an amazing love story.

Amanda and Travis, got engaged here at the Grill 8 years ago.

Through the years they have grown as a family and had two wonderful kids...





...Ireland & Rowen,




Yesterday after  years of being engaged,

They did it!


They finally got married!

They wanted to celebrate the occasion with us, where their love story began... Here at the Grill 8 years ago. So Travis called me and arranged everything. We had such a great time with Travis & his family!

Congratulations! Thank you for being there for us through all these years, you both have been great customers, but most of all, You both have been such great friends! Thank you for making us part of your life and your love story. A story that I hope never to end. May you and your family both be blessed with years of growth and happiness!




 More from our friends:



Joes kid eating chicken tenders with his chopsticks!

 Sierra Gayla and friends at the Teppanyaki Grill!


 Ashley at the old location! Always have a Great Smile!


Brandon looking good, were gonna miss you! Hope you have a blast in Jonesboro!

Nikkie and Scott at the old location on Valnetine's Day. What a cute couple! 


What a great group of People! My buddy Brad and Gary looking sharp!

It's a good thing I had Extra Rice!


Another Cute Couple at the Grill!