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About Us:

Welcome to the Exotic Grill, Springfield, MO.  I wanted to tell you a little something about us.  Our family restaurant was established in 2003 in Poplar Bluff MO. We have flourished throughout the years with a lot of support from our community.  The idea was to bring to Poplar Bluff the flavors my family has tasted throughout our years of world travel.  Our customers, in turn, would get to experience a culinary adventure that would take them around the world, as well. We wanted  to bring together Asian, European and American traditional cooking.  Thus the tag line "East meets West".  Family was our focus so we wanted to create a menu that was eclectic enough to accommodate a large group & no one would be left out.  Throughout the years our menu has evolved and some items became a staple. We are thankful for the support of our community and our customers who became regulars. Many of which, we now consider some of our closest friends.  


So here we are on our second chapter. We would like to bring to Springfield, MO a little of what our family has brought to Poplar Bluff.  On this second version of our restaurant, we have decided to share a piece of our family history with you.  A history of our culture through the dishes that we grew up with. My family and I are from the Philippines’ & Satoshi Hiromitsu, who is an extended part of our family, is from Japan.   We would like to bring to you dishes from our home that often remind us of who we are and where we came from, through authentic Filipino and Japanese cuisines. These creations represent a piece of our culture that defined our childhood. We will be offering traditional foods from our country that is true to our culture and may not be familiar to everyone. Filipino recipes passed down through generations from my Grandma, who eventually passed it on to my mom, Letty Soriano. Our signature Ramen recipe was passed on to Satoshi from his family.  From time to time we will offer some fusion dishes that will always have a base of our old traditions. Something that will be out of the ordinary.  I hope you will enjoy what our family shares with yours.

Why have something ordinary, when you can have something Exotic.